Image - Time of Light CD cover - Done in cut paper, an orange and red sun hangs in a golden yellow sky, making the lake below the same vivid color. A  black peninsula undulates across the lake. A black road is in the foreground.

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Tied To The Stone - Time of Light - Tied to the Stone

Tied To The Stone: "Time of Light"

Trk 1 Almost Thirty Years Now                      (lyrics)
Trk 2 She Prays For Me                                   (lyrics)
Trk 3 Chance Of Two On Love                       (lyrics)
Trk 4 Cold River                                              (lyrics)
Trk 5 Warm To The Touch                              (lyrics)
Trk 6 Ready For Somethin'                              (lyrics)
Trk 7 Down The Road                                     (lyrics)
Trk 8 Don't You Ever Give Up                        (lyrics)
Trk 9 Big Black Car                                         (lyrics)
Trk 10 In The Night                                         (lyrics)
Trk 11 Kalia                                                     (lyrics)
Trk 12 More Than You'll Ever Know             (lyrics)
Trk 13 Refuse                                                  (lyrics)
Trk 14 This Road Is Wide                               (lyrics)
Trk 15 Tied To The Stone                               (lyrics)
Trk 16 Colors Of My World                            (lyrics)

Dan Worley - Acoustic guitar, Piano & vocals
Carolyn Wing Greenlee - Background vocals & Percussion
Peter Wilson - Electric guitar
Dale Enstrom - Piano, B-3 organ, Keyboards
Dale Billester - Bass
Rob Watson - Drums

Additional drums by Mark King and Razz
Brass by Peter Chambers

Engineered and mixed by Dan Worley and Peter Wilson
Additional enginnering by Greg Bell

Produced by Carolyn Wing Greenlee